1798 – Lake Lock Rail Road was built near Wakefield, Great Britain

1803 – Great Britain had it's first passenger railway, in London.

1804 – Great Britain had it's first steam railway in Wales

1827 – France had it's first railway.

1830 – America's first steam locomotive “Tom Thumb” was built by Peter Cooper.

1831 – Australia had it's first railway. It was privately owned.

1832 – Canada's first railway was built. It was a wooden tramway

1834 – Ireland had it's first railway, between Dublin and Kingstown

1835 – Belgium's first railway was opened.

1835 – Germany had it's first steam powered public railway

1836 – Canada had it's first public railway

1837 – Austria had it's first railway, between Vienna and Wagram

1837 – Russia had it's first railway

1845 – Jamaicahad it's first railway, between Kingston to Spanish Town

1852 – Africa had it's first railway

1853 – India's first railway opened between Bombay City and Thane, Maharashtra

1854 – The first steam locomotive to run in Australia. Built by Robertson, Martin, Smith & Co.

1854 - Egypt had it's first standard gauge railway

1860 – South Africa had it's first railway.

1862 – Finlandhad it's first railway

1863 – New Zealand had it's first public railway

1863 – The first underground railway was opened in London, Great Britain

1876 – China's first railway opened.


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